Jewelry Display

I recently had the chance of shopping at this great shop called The Plaid Peacock in historic Roanoke, Tx. A place where different vendors can sell their wares. Each booth was decorated so creatively and I took many inspirational ideas with me.

The Plaid Peacock

One of the booths was selling jewelry and small trinkets and I loved how they displaced their bracelets and necklaces. I wish I had gotten her name to give her credit but here are her ideas. 

Jewelry 2
This antique window is from Hobby Lobby. I know because I have it! 🙂
This vendor attached various beautiful knobs to hang the jewelry from. Cute!
Jewelry 3
Ok, now this is creative! Old wine bottles, some pvc pipe (spray painted gold), and put together with a connector. The bottles are weighted with colorful stones.
Jewelry 4
Got corks? These were glued to a painted board and gold hooks were used to hang the jewelry. So easy!

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