Vintage Container

Hi everyone! One of things I hear the most is,”I like this container but I don’t know where/how I would use it.”…. I always look at things in multiple ways. Don’t use a container meant for a particular purpose for that reason only…..visualize where else you can use it. I found this beautiful vintage container at an antique shop in Roanoke, Tx. Can’t tell you how much I love it!

Vintage Container 1
This container can be used in so many ways! The possibilities are endless from utensils, plants, candy…and can be used year round! You’ll see me decorate this through the different holidays.
Vintage Container 3
Give your counter a “perk” with this coffee/tea caddy

Vintage 2

Vintage Container 4
One of my best tricks is using different colored dried beans to raise things up or hold up better. Does that make sense? I use black beans at the bottom of this one to hold the spoons up better.
Vintage Container
Bathroom Caddy …pretty in a guest bathroom
Vintage Container 5
Use for Q-tips, cotton balls, makeup brushes, soap…….so many possibilities.

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